Project Cashew Butter

I think everyone should try making their own nut butter at least once. I don’t think many people realize how easy and quick it is to do. Other benefits of making your own nut butter: Personal Satisfaction – You get the satisfaction of having made your own nut butter which let’s be honest, you can’t […]

What Makes the Ideal Coffee Shop Experience?

We all have our go to coffee shops. Maybe there’s that one cafe you always go to when you need to get work done. Perhaps you have your weekend coffee shop where you like meeting up with friends and family. As I was sitting in one of my favourite shops the other day I started […]

Judging People Based on their Food Choices

We’ve all done it. Formed opinions about someone based on the food choices they’ve made. It’s often an innocent act. No harm done. The thought process could be: “Oh you are one of those healthy people who eats kale” “She’s one of those people who can afford to shop at Whole Foods” “He doesn’t even […]